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2016 Presidential Election, Get out and vote! November 08, 2016 13:22



HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! October 30, 2016 15:44

Vintage Halloween costumes are so amazing! 

Fall/Winter 2016 Color Pallet October 30, 2016 15:39

Looks that Inspire

Pretty Penny Band of the Week October 28, 2016 14:28

If you are looking for some NEW music to jam check out DIIV! Brooklyn NY based band has brought to life an eerie 80s sound to indy rock that has reminded me of the Cure or uk Chameleons. These guys not only have an on point, 90s grunge throwback look but there music is impeccable.
Album- Is the is are, track- out of mind

Fall/Winter 2016 Color Pallet October 28, 2016 14:09

Looks that Inspire

Today's Listings Inspiration October 26, 2016 14:27

Fall Is In The Air! October 25, 2016 11:09

The leaves are changing from green to beautiful warm autumn colors, town fairs, hot apple cider, candied apples and walks in a cemetery. Just some fun things we love about autumn besides looking fashionable.

Here are some fall looks and trends that inspire. 

Always warm coats!!

Other looks and great Autumn color pallets 

October Playlist:
1. The Cranberries - Dreams
2. Sean Nicholas Savage - UFO
3. Twin Peaks - Mirror of Time
4. The Fiendz - Living Dead
5. The Misfits - Teenagers form mars
6. Sinkhole - See-through
7. Flamin' Grooves - Teenage Head
8. The Magnetic Fields - Absolutely Cuckoo
9. Mellow Hype - Snare
10. Mac Demarco - Peperoni Playboy
11. Mos Def - Sunshine 
12. DIIV - Out of Mind

Fall Fashion To Look Out For October 17, 2016 14:59

Here are some looks for fall that we love...