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DESIGNER Michael Simon New York sweater

$ 32.00

DESIGNER Michael Simon. The year is 1977 and Michael Simon is a struggling ballet dancer living in a studio in the East Village of New York City. Pretty soon he buys his own handloom machine and decides to branch out and make sweaters, however the only yarn he can buy is old stock from the 1950's which are all bright neon colors. The actual designs are limited by the capacity of the hand loom machine in his studio which restricts him to straight lines, so the sweater is loose fitting classic cowl neck, one size fits all. Michael Simon, the entrepreneur, now venture out on his first sales trip with bright neon colored sweaters. The sales plan was simple, day one walk east and sell to the first boutique found, day two walk west, same plan, day three, walk North and so on. 

Sweater is 55% Ramie and 45% Cotton. Assembled and Finished in Hong Kong Knit in China. Beautiful creation and design. Knit with stretch. Bust "44" Length "23" this item is in excellent condition. 

*This item is available for in store pick up. 

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